Humble bragging

I’ve heard tell that bananas are nature’s perfect food.

I can see the claim to such a title – self-packaged, ready-to-eat, nutrient-dense … lots of compound adjectives.

I’d like to offer an alternative … the egg.

Packaging that, granted, is not as convenient as that of a banana. Not ready-to-eat as sold … although this does depend on which country you inhabit (#Tamago #Japan)). Nutrient-dense … absolutely.

And if we’re serious about accurate comparisons …

The 100g banana offers 89 calories / 23g of carbohydrates / 1.1g of protein / 64IU of VitA (approx 1 % of the daily need) / 0g VitB12 / 0.367g VitB6 (18% of daily need) a little Magnesium, Manganese and Potassium (about 8% of the daily requirement)

The 100g egg offers 143 calories / 0.7g of carbohydrates / 13g of protein / 540IU VitA (11% of daily need according to the Americans …) .89mcg VitB12 (15%) / 0.170 VitB6) / 82IU VitD (20% of daily need) and a fair chunk of our daily iron, phosphorus and selenium requirements …

… and I like eggs better …

That’s actually more important – I LOVE eggs. I love the aesthetic. I love the taste and if I can get the ‘hard-boiled-ness’ of an egg perfect (with a semi-gelatinous yolk) and marry it with salt flakes from any sea/river/quarry … I am really quite content with my lot in life …

It’s #TheSimpleThings that make me happy …

… and eggs are the perfect #SituationalStaple …

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